We've gathered a lot of information in this get-acquainted tour of some of the most common, easy-to-recognize families of functions. We've visited eight different families and inquired about four different aspects of each family's behavior. The result is like a large notebook filled with census data. If you don't feel that you've sorted it all out yet, don't worry.


The important thing is to appreciate what's out there: the possibilities. These families are your basic modeling tools. If you can remember the general features of each family, and recognize them in various representations, then you'll be able to pick reasonable tools to help you solve particular problems. If you forget how to handle some of the tools, you can always return to the relevant pages of this reference manual.

You'll get to know all of these families very well as you work with them again and again in modeling and application. Be patient. Becoming accomplished in modeling and problem solving, as in any fine trade, takes practice.

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